#6 Deconstructing Soda's €11.5M Series A

Our guest this week is the CEO of Soda, Maarten Masschelein closed a €11.5M Series A led by Singular Ventures.


Welcome to Season 1 Episode 5 of Deconstructing the Raise - a show powered by Ventroduce.

Maarten Masschelein is the CEO of Soda, a data reliability and observability company for Open Source Software (OSS) tools and a SaaS platform.

In 2020, Soda raised €2.5M by Point Nine Capital, a VC fund focused on seed-stage B2B SaaS and B2B marketplace globally. Then, €11.5M by Singular Ventures, a European venture firm.

Listen to the full episode to learn how Maarten brought this round together.

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